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How to keep your gains and sanity after completing a steroid cycle: Post cycle therapy (pct)

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  • How to keep your gains and sanity after completing a steroid cycle: Post cycle therapy (pct)

    The biggest mistake people make when using steroids is the course of action (or inaction) taken once the cycle is complete. Bodybuilders will hop on a cycle of steroids without thinking of the necessary compounds they need to prevent side effects and restore their endocrin system back to normal. More often than not, it is an economic decision and a very bad one. Penney wise and pound foolish.

    Someone purchases 3 bottles of testosterone for less than $200. They then come to me for cycle guidance. I explain to them that they need ancilliaries, that without them they cannot control side effects and or restore their endocrine system to normal. They ask "how much do these compounds cost?" I reply "about the same as the test you just bought." They balk: "Why so expensive, can't I just let my body go back to normal on its own?"

    You can, but it will take months and you will lose all your gains. But that is not the worst part. When your body processes testosterone, the end product is (ironically) estrogen. At the end of a cycle your estrogen (called estradiol on lab reports) will be very high, and your testosterone production will be very low or non-existent.

    You are effected physically, mentally, and emotionally. Essentially your hormonal state will be similar to what a woman goes through once a month. Except it won't be 3-4 days, it will be 2 months. No matter how much I try to explain this fact, people don't take the issue seriously until they experience it first hand. They think I just want to make money by selling ancillaries. I don't, and to prove so I simply give them a source so that they can buy them directly. Unfortunately, they don't use the source and end up in hormonal Hell. That is part of the reason that some guys never really go off.

    Every cycle you embark on should be properly planned for the goals that you wish to achieve, and you should also have the necessary drugs for post cycle and during cycle for estrogen control. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

    This will make a difference like night and day compared to using steroids without any auxiliary drugs. I strongly advise that you have all these ancilliaries in hand BEFORE you start your cycle.

    Employing an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) during your cycle to control estrogen related water retention and gynecomastia is a must. Some people are more sensitive to estrogen, so we don't know how much of an AI they will need until they need it. If you do not treat the gynecomastia immediately you may end up having to get surgery. A $15k operation makes the $45 for an AI a bargain. You can also use the SERM Nolvadex, although an AI will be suficient for most. If your AI is driving your estrogen too low (you need some estrogen) a SERM can help if there is any residual gyno or water weight gain. You definately will need SERMs (Selective Estrogen Regulating Module) during your pct. If you have these ancillaries on hand you can treat the symptom immediately and prevent any damage.

    When finishing your cycle an AI should be continued while you use HCG and the steroids clear your system. HCG produces a lot of estrogen. My AI need goes from one Arimidex every fourth day to one every other day.

    By using an AI during this time, you will be able to keep your estrogen levels under control so you will avoid post cycle side effects such as water retention, gynecomastia, and depression.

    HCG will dramatically restore you testicular finction and size. However, it causes shut down of the Pituitary/Hypothalimus just like steroids do. HCG dramatically increases testicular test production, but your Pit/Hypo are still shut down.

    Your endocrine system is a chain. Testosterone is producted in the testicals, but without the proper signal from the Pituitary/Hypothalimus the temporary increase will soon decline.

    That is why when you finish your HCG you must employ a SERM immediately to help complete the HPTA. By using a drug for this purpose you will be able to retain the majority of your gains made on your cycle when the cycle is complete, and avoid the loss of gains from coming off AAS.

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    SERMs and Ester Clearance

    The next biggest mistake I see is in regard to ester clearance. In order for your body to utilize an injectable steroid, it must be bound to an ester. Take testosterone, there is test propionate (short ester) and test enanthate (long ester). Prop is in and out very quickly, but you need to inject either every day, or every other day. If you do not mind being a pin cushion then prop is a good choice. On the other hand, test enanthate is a long ester. You can have stable levels if you inject every 5 days. The down side of test e is that it takes up to 20 days to fully clear. If you take a SERM like Clomid or Nolvadex during this period it will not start the HPTA properly.

    The question then is, how do I clear the long ester? There are 2 basic ways I recommend.

    First, simply run HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) for 15 days at the end of your cycle. If you start HCG 5 days after your last shot, you will be clear on day 20. Run 1500 iu's e2d (every second day). On the day of your last injection of HCG start your SERMs.

    Another option is to run prop for those 20 day, then start your SERM.

    This option is for guys who like to run HCG on cycle. I won't get into why I do not do the same (that would require another article). They terminate their HCG at the same time as they terminate their last shot of prop or an oral that clears in 24 hours.

    So, it has been 20 days since your last shot of test, You testicles are back to about 90% of their original size, and you are free and clear of anything shutting you down. But keep in minds, the Pit/Hypo is still 100% shut down. It is time to start a SERM.

    The two most widely used SERMs are Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) . SERM's were originally created as breast cancer drugs although Clomid was immediately used as a fertility drug. Nolvadex binds at estrogen receptacle sites displacing estrogen. Theoretically it has been my experience that Clomid does not do this very well. IFBB pro Flavio Baccianini told me that Clomid worsened gyno. However, Clomid stimulates the Pit/Hypo better than Nolvadex. I know that some will argue that this claim is not supported by the theoretical literature, but I have seen it proven dozens of times and in my own pct's. Since I do not use Clomid on cycle, only for 2-3 weeks of pct my body reacts well to it.

    Also, it is possible to use Clomid and Nolvadex for your end stage pct. For older guys who need more endocrine support, combining is probably the best way to go.
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      Wow, that is a lot of information. I want to write something useful. I may not really address everything here but maybe I can add to it. I think for the most post it is trial and error from person to person. From the literature that is out this is a great place to start. I think I will comment on some points just to add to this and ask some more questions.

      I think there is some speculation on how long to run HCG and Clomid therapy. I am no expert in this category but it was advised by many Endocrinologists to take 1,000iu per day for 30 days. Clomid I used to run concurrently but form what Bane is telling me, it is better to run my Clomid after finishing the HCG? How long do you recommend running the Clomid to properly trigger the Pit/Hypo?

      As far as managing Estrogen related side effects I recommend doing like 1.2 tab of Aromasin EOD. This is sufficient but does not completely kill your Estrogen. From my experience with all my blood tests the Estrogen levels even at 300mg of Testosterone per week were quite high. I do not really care to run Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) because it lowers IGF-1 and we dont want that. I guess post cycle it may or may not matter much. Nolvadex for men is not my first choice by any means. Just my opinion from what I have read and used for my body.

      For the most part I think this is a great protocol. I am one of those people who never go off completely but if I did I would certainly use this as my base recovery program.


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        The speculation over HCG is that running too much for too long can affect your ability to have children. A local TRT doc has his older guys who are done reproducing run 3k iu's of HCG e2d for 30 days. That gives us who are on trt one month off test. However, I only run 1.5k iu's e2d. I get pretty severe acne from HCG. If you are younger and want kids, then small amounts, 3-500 iu's 3 times a week while on cycle is standard. I have my reason for running only after, but it is a very boring story so I will spare the details.


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          Bane knows what he's talking about. I follow all
          His advice


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              Originally posted by DenSmith View Post
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