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    The truth about Generic HGH from China
    I have been wanting to write an article about this topic for quite some time. However, I am in the process of doing interviews with some people very close to the business (you will never see or hear these people on the steroid boards) before I reveal my findings. In the meantime, I do have information based upon my many years in the Chinese GH and steroid market. I have made many business trips to China. Of course I am just one person with one opinion. Please feel absolutely free to chime in.
    First, I want to start out by saying that I have tried Pharmaceutical HGH from the US and European Companies as well as Chinese Generics. I will give you my findings and then explain to you what I know.

    I have tried Genentech's Nutropin AQ, a liquid version of GH. I have also tried Norditropin AQ. Both versions are non lyophilized meaning that you do not have to reconstitute the dry powder into a liquid. I would have to say that the Nutropin IU per IU felt stronger then the Norditropin. At 4iu of Nutropin the pain and swelling of my arms were so bad that I almost went to the emergency room. 3iu seemed to be about the level where the side effects were just tolerable for me to get the most gain without crying every night.

    The Norditropin at 4iu I did get some of the side effects to know it was working but was tolerable at that dose. Now, the Chinese generics I have never felt any side effects until I hit about 10iu and that was basically a lot of swelling and water retention in the hands. I feel like the 10iu was maybe 5iu but I could not guarantee that at the time.

    In all the years I have tried Generics I still cannot say that I received the same benefits as I did with the Pharmaceutical Grade HGH.
    I think there is justification for that. I mean how can you buy something for 1/8 the cost and think that you are getting the same thing. There is such thing as quality differences in this world. If there was not then I dont think driving a Porsche would be any different than a VW.

    I know a lot of people WANT to believe that the Chinese HGH is giving them some benefit but if you were to measure the amount of real IUs you pay for and what you get there is not real results to show for it. It's difficult for people to admit that when they spend the money to buy it. So, now you ask well.... What if I do an HGH Serum Test?
    Well, let me ask this. Who has done an HGH serum test on Pharma Grade. Maybe in fact it takes you to get a 50 serum for you to get effective results. But people claim that they get high quality at 30 Serum. Well, compared to what? Nutropin? I am telling you that something is different between the 2 drugs. I think people should do direct comparisons rather than comparing cheap to other cheap. Do you feel me?

    There is a very large discrepency between the key component of an HGH test which clarifies effective quality. For selling purposes people just focus on one Serum test to another Serum Test. I call it comparing Apples to other Apples but on the same infected tree. I am not completely sure yet but I would only guess that getting the bioavailability has more to do than a serum test.

    The fact is there are differences and the prices have a direct correlation. I would love to be proved wrong. I mean who does not want a Porche and pay a Honda price. As stated, I welcome of other people. I have plenty more information on the topic and it comes directly from China.

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    Not all Chinese GH is created equal.

    There are many people who share the same view as Mr White. That view is that all Chinese GH (CGH) is bunk, either fake, dirty, or under dosed.
    I would agree, for the most part. I have used low quality CGH, gotten red welts, unimpressive IGF-1 scores etc. However, there are exceptions.

    My criteria for measuring GH are IGF-1 labs. There are many things that can go wrong with serum testing, but IGF-1 levels rise directly in proportion to GH levels, and those levels are stable and accurate measures.

    Most IGF-1 labs for CGH that I have seen (if it is not completely bunk) score 2 to 7 iu's if we convert from ng/dl (the score used by labs). These scores were all for bottles that claimed to have 10 iu's.

    And I am not getting into the fact that there are many times where CGH left red welts. In fact the highest scoring CGH I ever had (7 iu's per bottle) caused red welts.
    On the other hand genuine Riptropins (no longer available) Grey Tops, and Black tops have scored very well, again and again.

    I never got any pip from the rips or the Grey Tops. On the opther hand, I HAVE gotten nasty pip from the Black Tops. That is unfortunate, since the Black Tops have scored just as high as Grey Tops on IGF-1 tests

    Grey Tops do cause more water retention, especially at higer doses. Fortunately for me, I only use 1.5 ius a day. Most will scoff and say that that 1.5 IU's do nothing if you want quick muscle gains. That is absolutely true. I use that amount because I am primarily interested in replacement, putting my levels at a high normal level. I am older, and my natural IGF-1 level is 71 ng/dl. The range for my age is 60 to 190. Being at the bottom sucks, and replacement puts me closer to 190 ng/dl. I have rosacia that can be very severe. GH heals my skin, by diminishing the red lines. I have a prescription for Metro gel, but it is very expensive, and GH works better.

    My recovery, mood, and sleep are better. I am able to eat more without getting fat. I will most likely take 1.5 iu's for the rest of my life. I could not afford to do so with pharm.
    I was concerned that taking exogeneous GH would cause cancer cells to grow. I recently read a study that found the low dose GH replacement helps the body fight cancer. More studies with the same conculsion are emerging. Low dosed GH therapy actually IMPROVES the bodies ability to fight cancer. GH is only dangerous when you use very large amounts.

    The main catch with the Grey Tops is that they do cause more water gain then pharmacuetical. This fact will become noticeable if you run more than 5 iu's a day.
    But for me, there is very little water retention at 1.5 iu's/day, only health benefits.
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