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Some Privacy Basics

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  • Some Privacy Basics

    You never can be 100% sure your privacy is not breached but there are some fundamental things to follow to mitigate the possibilities of exposure. Rule #1: Never talk about your business on the phone or texting through a Cellular Network. Ex. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T. 2nd: Never use public emails to talk about information you do not want to be shared with the world. Always use a secure email who has a good track record and who uses encryption and PGP technology. If you care about websites you visit always purchase a Private VPN and add Proxy protection as well. On your phone, use applications that do not store your data, uses encryption and is owned and operated by a country that does not cooperate with any country you have concern with. Telegram is a good choice. We are losing our privacy with the advancement of technology and political interests around the world. It is important that we are able to take a shower without somebody watching. If you absolutely must talk make it a VOIP to VOIP call. There are also encrypted services for calls but I cannot vouch for the level of protection. What I believe is that if you follow the guidelines above and are not a very important person you should be doing ok. ; )