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  • New Introduction to this Forum

    With over 22 years experience in the Fitness Industry, including Training, Nutrition, Supplementation and Bodybuilding, I felt it was time to give back some of my knowledge to help inform and educate people around the world. This is why I was happy to accept the special invite to this forum. I look forward to contribute useful information and to learn at the same time. Looking forward to meet people around the world at Anabolicmd Forum.

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    Nice to see you on the board and thank you for allowing me to contribute and manage AnabolicMD Forum.


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      I have 40 years of experience in bodybuilding and martial arts, holding multiple titles in both endeavors. I competed naturally 6 times and in the NPC seven times. I have prepped, trained, and advised many athletes, ranging from IFBB pros and professional mixed martial artists to your average but hardworking trainee who wants to become more than average. Taking average Joe's to a higher level is the endeavor I find the most rewarding. I am dedicated to keeping you physically and mentally healthy. I will do everything I can to enable you to achieve your dreams, whether that dream is to get on stage, learn self defense, or just to look better on the beach. How can I help?
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        Hello everyone, I have just signed up.