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How to avoid scammer boards and UGL's

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  • How to avoid scammer boards and UGL's

    The purpose of this essay is to protect you from fake, underdosed, or dirty gear.

    The availability of raw steroid powder from China has dramatically changed the steroid landscape. The good part of the story is that the increased availability of raw material has created many more sources for steroids. These new sources are generally labeled as Under Ground Labs, or ugl for short.
    The bad part is that many of these sources sell gear that is completely fake, or underdosed. Worse yet, some of these sources sell gear that is dirty and causes serious reactions that can land you in the hospital.

    Bad ugls stay in business because they are protected by scammer boards. Ugl's pay a large amount of gear/money to these boards. In turn, scammer boards remove all negative content/complaints/reviews of the scammer ugl. According to many, a good example of a scammer board is Profesional Muscle (PM). I will discuss them in full later on in this essay.

    Then you have boards that are mixed. Eroids is such a board. Eroids collects fees from UGL's. Eroids protects sources by flagging negative reviews with the claim that they violated forum rules. If that happens you will see "this is not a review" or a similar charge. Sometimes the offending review will be removed. If the bad reviews add up, Eroids might step in and require the source to make things right and/or ban a source. As such, Eroids is a mixed board. Unfortunately, your chances of finding a high quality ugl is slim.

    Eroids is a place to go if you have no other sources. You have a slim chance of finding a truly high quality source on eroids, especially if you only use the top 10.

    The main problem with Eroids is that its ranking system heavily favors the largest sources. The largest sources also pay the most back to Eroids and thus get a higher level of protection. Their top 10 sources achieve their ranking more on quantity than quality. For example, Naps is continually ranked in the top three. Naps is not a scammer source, but there are many problems with their products. Fortunately, the head of Naps has integrity, although much of their gear is questionable. Some of their products are good if you are willing to roll the dice.

    Naps sells bad gear un-intentionally, because they are a re-seller. The owners of Naps do not produce their own line of gear. They buy from other ugl's and then re-sell the gear. This relationship means that there is no way for them to control the quality of the gear. Were the raws tested, is the gear real, faked or underdosed? More importantly, is the gear clean? Was the cook sloppy in production, someone who cares more about money than the safety and well being of his customers?

    When gear is re-sold we cannot answer these questions. You don't find out until it is too late. There was some gear from Naps that caused a severe hematoma. If I recall correctly it was Geneza. It was their high potency blends. In Genezas' defense, they were responding to the market demand for very high potency blends. Any chemist will tell you that oil should never contain more than 300 mgs/cc.
    The person who injected the high potency blend required hospitalization. Naps, to their credit, paid ALL of the hospital bill and pulled that particular steroid line off their inventory. Naps then compensated everyone who purchased that line and added free gear.

    I know the head of Naps and he is a man with integrety, he is not a scammer. He is very generous (he gave me $300 in free gear for the dirty Geneza gear I bought). Nonethless the problem is inextricably sewn into their business model that relies on re-selling. Whenever you buy new gear, make sure to test it first by injecting only half a cc.

    If I am buying gear, I want to buy from the person who made it. I want that person to use the gear they make. I know it was made in the bathroom (don't believe scammers who say their gear was made in a real FDA Lab). The key to making good clean gear lies in the work ethic of the maker. You should be constantly sterilizing, constantly going through gloves. You must be 100% OCD and fanatical. For example, everytime you touch your MityVac you sterilyze your hands and put on new gloves. After pumping your MityVac you sterilize again and put on another set of gloves if you touch your bottles. If you are not going through 20 pair of gloves you are not clean enough.

    The main reason that good sources go bad is they get lazy, greedy, and no longer take pride in their work. The key is their work ethic. They forget or don't care that one mistepp can ruin their product.
    That is the dellema we run into with re-sellers. They were not involved in production.

    The real scammers and the boards that protect them

    We are now moving away from problematic yet honest sources to the real scammers and theifs. The number one scamming board is Professional Muscle (PM). Here is how they get away with it.
    For starters, PM is, as the name implies, full of professional and other elite bodybuilders. That is their draw. For those of you who do not know much about IFBB pros, most of them barely scratch out a living. Only the top 5 make good money from competing. If you place and win $10,000, that is about what it cost for your drug cycle.

    Consequently, elite bodybuilders must get their income elsewhere. That is the purpose of PM, to make money.

    Here is how they run their scam: A friend of mine needed primo and deca, so he went over to PM. "Wow" he said to me, "look at all the monsters on this forum...they must be on some killer gear." I told him to include some testosterone in his purchase, as that is the easiest drug to test. He purchsed from a ugl named Aurum, who was running a special. Their bottles were beautifully labeled.

    He started his cycle, but felt nothing. I told him not to expect much from the deca and primo, but the test would yield results more quickly. A few weeks went by and he had not gained an ounce. No oiliness, not even a pimple. He contacted Aurum who refused to ameliorate the problem, so he posted his results.

    He was met with derision, personal attacks and insults regarding his character. He was told to get some labs which he already had scheduled. He posted the labs with a total test amount in the upper 400s ng/dl. That test level was the same as his last level, taken when he was 100% natural.

    He was met with more attacks upon his character, and claims that the labs were fake. Demands were made that he post a screen shot of the labs. He posted screen shots. One hour after the screen shots were posted he was banned. All of his posts were deleted.

    If you are using internet boards to source your gear make sure that you understand how they work (or don't work). There are good sources out there, you just have to do your due diligence to find them.
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