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Masteron? What are the benefits.

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  • Masteron? What are the benefits.

    We are looking to see if anyone has some detailed information on analytical results using Masteron in a cycle? Not Bro-science but some quantifiable facts about what Masteron can do?

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    I am slammed with work, so I am just going to post an article I wrote.

    Drostanolone Propionate is an anabolic steroid compound that was developed by Syntex in 1959, but would not be released to the public until 1970. It had multiple brand names, however Masteron has remained the most recognizable brand. It is no longer licensed for manufacture, but demand for this unique steroid is high. Many ugl’s produce Masteron, either in the short ester propionate form, or the long ester enanthate form. Of course, ugl quality varies, but those who get high quality Masteron love it.

    The high demand for Masteron is for several reasons. While androgenic, it is relatively safe with few side effects. Some experience hair loss, but I have never had or seen that problem with Masteron at reasonable doses. Many athletes who do not wish to endure the harsh side effects of trenbolin will switch over to Masteron. For combat and other cardio based athletes, tren kills cardio.

    Masteron is a highly coveted pre-contest compound. It aids fat loss and has a hardening effect on the body. In and of itself, it will not promote a large amount of muscle gain. In either ester it does not cause water retention. The longer ester holds 200 mgs/ml with no problem. I have seen lab reports of masteron holding as much as 265 mgs/ml with absolutely no PIP. Masteron was originally created to combat breast cancer and inhibits estrogenic activity on tissues. This mechanism is complex, but it means that you may not need a SERM or AI if you add Mast to your testosterone.

    While the above is well and good, in my opinion, the biggest benefit from Masteron is its impact upon Steroid Hormone Binding Globule, SHBG. SHBG determines receptor affinity. In plain English, that means that adding Masteron to Testosterone makes the testosterone more effective. Adding 300 mgs of Masteron to 400 mgs of Testosterone means that the test will perform like 600 mgs of test, without the added water retention. Plus, you have a greater fat loss

    How does this all work? SHBG, which increases after the age of 27, inhibits testosterone. Testosterone circulates in the bloodstream, bound mostly to SHBG. Only 1-2% is “free” and thus biologically available. What Masteron does is it “uncouples” the bound testosterone from the evil SHBG, making it free and therefore biologically active. Think of a parking lot. The spaces are your testosterone receptors. The lot is full of cars. Masteron is like a tow truck that comes in and tows cars away, freeing them up for more results from your testosterone. 400 mgs has the effect of 600 mgs.

    Lets look at the practical results. My doctor has me on testosterone replacement. I am 54 and have had low test since the age of 48. This condition is very very common. Low testosterone has all sorts of negative health repurcussions. Normal testosterone levels are between 300 and 1100 ng. I like to be at around 1200-1300. My doctor wants me around 7-800. What I do is I keep my exogeneous test to around 180 mgs/week. For my last labs that meant my total test was 760 ng...but my free test was 228, two times normal.

    Why? I added 150 mgs of Masteron.
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      Hmmm, I can add this: Masteron does not undergo aromatization (not processed into estrogen), is not converted into dihydrotestosterone, is not amplified by the enzyme 5-AR, and without being alkylated steroid, it does not pose any problems for the liver. In this respect, as well as in terms of the common side effects Masteron is most similar to Primobolan.

      From the point of view of its positive contribution in the course of anabolic steroids, milligram per milligram, Masteron (Steroids Fax) is at least as effective as Primobolan for a set weight and burning fat, and for "drying" seem even better. So here we discover masteron propionate results in bodybuilding and why you need to take it.

      It is believed that dromostanolone has some activity, but in reality this effect it is quite weak. If you plan to use the flavoring steroids, the excessive surge of estrogen production cannot be smooth, adding to your course Masteron. Instead, use these preparations Anti-Aromatase as letrozole or anastrozole. However, in cases where only a moderate amount used aromatizing steroids Masteron may often be sufficient as the sole preparation antiestrogen.
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