On The Topic of Death and Steroids


In the past 2 weeks the world of fitness lost 2 greats too soon – Dallas McCarver and Rich Piana.


As Mark Bell mentions, “Death can snatch anyone of us up unexpectedly…make sure you’re having fun and enjoying your time here.”


It can be a very touchy subject at times like this when it comes to the fitness industry, steroid usage, and death. Many want to jump to conclusions, point fingers, and make these men out to be seen in a negative light.


It’s important to remember that these men devoted themselves to the world of fitness and training and went to great strides to become champions and insight to the world. So, check out Mark Bell’s video on the subject.



Have you been following Dallas or Rich for some time now? What takeaways do you have from the careers Dallas and Rich had and their impacts on fitness? Do you agree with Mark and what he said? Let us know in the comments below what you’re thinking.


Source: https://sixpackabs.com/on-the-topic-of-death-and-steroids/

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