Orange Triad (270 tabs)

orange_triad_largeControlled Labs have presented the community with this very well rounded multivitamin. Orange Triad uses a multi-tablet formula to allow the user to dose the vitamins throughout the day instead of using a one-time dose, allowing for higher absorption of the various vitamins and minerals present in this supplement. One can use as recommended-3 tablets 2x per day-or dose it 2 tablets 3x per day. They employ various isoforms of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, which is optimal to truly receive the benefits from vitamin supplementation, and the isoforms used of many of the other vitamins are the optimal isoforms (cholecalciferol for vitamin D instead of ergocalciferol, for instance). This vitamin also includes various essential minerals, although doses of some of them are not entirely adequate (like Mg) for athletes and would still need to be gotten through nutrition or supplemented.

In addition, Orange Triad also comes with joint support supplements at proper doses, such as MSM, glucosamine sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate, among others. It includes a digestion complex, including some absorption-enhancing ingredients and nutrient-partitioning agents (doses not disclosed-probably small), which is a plus.

Taken together, you’re getting a full, well developed multivitamin/multimineral supplement and bundling it with a full joint support supplement, and it comes in at a price between $25-30. Compare this with a typical joint support supplement with comparable doses that costs around $20, and a complete multi like NOW’s ADAM that also costs close to $20, and you can see that not only are you getting a great product but you’re getting it at an incredible price. While there are superior formulated multivitamins out there like AOR’s Ortho-Core, which includes all the iso-forms of the various vitamins to mimic vitamin acquisition from whole foods, it comes at a much higher premium, and you’re likely getting at least some of your vitamins through your diet. In summary, this is the ideal vitamin for an athlete/bodybuilder who still eats some whole foods but wishes to supplement with a multi- to supplement their vitamins and minerals to obtain optimal performance either on the gym or on the field.

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