Alphamine (252 Grams)


So I’m definitely no stranger to this forum, and lifting/nutrition in general. That being said, earlier this year I had a TON of personal things coming up (work, women, etc) that pretty much destroyed my diet, kept me out of the gym longer than necessary, and ultimately left me gaining a TON of unwanted fat. Enter Alphamine….

Nutrition & Exercise Plan:

Prior to beginning Alphamine there was literally NO structure to my diet. Training was still decent, i made it to the gym 4x a week most of the time, and still performed my usual compound based moderate intensity/moderate volume “bodybuilding” routine. Once starting Alphamine, I kept workout intensity up, but I began to put a structure back into my diet. Nothing crazy, i just switched to eating 2200-2300 calories per day, low carb, & i included a carb binge every 5-6 days.

Alphamine First Thoughts:

Upon first dosing Alphamine, the first thing I noticed was how easily it mixed & how great it tasted. Like, i seriously HATE the typical flavors of all powdered supplements, but not Alphamine.

Next, and the thing that stood out the most, was the HUGE suppression to my appetite. I would wake up around 8am, dose my alphamine, and not even realize I hadnt eaten until 1-2pm. Because of this, I actually FELL into an intermittent fasting program. The smooth energy from Alphamine made buzzing through my typical workday amazing, and the diet was AMAZING. Seriously, who doesnt want to just gorge on 2k cals in one sitting every day and LOSE FAT!?

Once I became acclimated to intermittent fasting, i began breaking my fasts around 2pm, just so i wouldnt be training on empty at my typical gym session (6-7PM). Before & Afters

This is the part that amazed myself, seriously. With the dieting being so casual this time around, I couldnt believe at how lean this has gotten me. Also, I didnt lose ANY muscle or strength! Alphamine needs to be a staple in all of your future cuts!


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